Only a Scribe

Scribe: noun

A person who serves as a professional copyist. (


A scribe writes things down as he listens or reads. His job is to record what is spoken to him with accuracy. Over the past few years, God has instructed me multiple times to tell others what He speaks to me through His Word. Sometimes I have listened. More often, I tuck His speaking away in my journal at best, and forget about it at worst.

But the telling of a story helps the storyteller to remember it.

This blog is intended to be a space in which I can share the story God is writing of my life as I witness it unfolding. It is a place where I can record what He speaks to me in big and small moments, and where I can faithfully obey His request for me to not keep what He speaks to myself. Stories are meant to be told. Lives are meant to be witnessed. Both of these things are meant to bring the Author of each story honor and glory.

He is the Author, not me. I’m only a scribe.


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